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NEWS: July, 2010 — Ok, so it's taken me longer than I expected to really get going! What matters is
that I've been creative, right? RIGHT! Regrettably, I got away from my Aritistic prints for a bit, but I'm
back and I am happy to say that I have a few more pieces for sale.
Check out my Aristic Prints link
on the left to see what's currently available. Don't forget to check back soon - I've been creative -
I will be adding more. I still intend to try to get some of my work in some of the local shops..
I'm going to begin making the rounds this weekend.


I have also been meeting and photographing local talent and making new friends!
Check out my Flickr site: 3Quartermoon to see more of what I've been up to in the local scene.


I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be photographing and video documenting the Tucson local music
event: Spillapolooza, to be held this August 1, 2010. Spillapolooza is the product of Keven Henderson
of The Swigs
, to raise awarness to BP's massive oil spill in the Gulf. I look forward to being part
of this important event!


NEWS: February, 2010 — I moved to Tucson, AZ in October, 2009! New environments spark creativity –
and I'm happy to say my relocation has gifted me with inspiration. I feel refreshed and am finding
many things to photograph in
this beautiful environment. I only wish I had had my camera handy
when I saw a Bobcat cross the street in front of me me, only a mile from my new adobe!


Over the next few months, I will be updating this site with pics of local events and other happenings
here in Tucson. I will also be looking to show my work in some of the local galleries, clubs and shops here.


I have added some new pieces to my "Artistic Prints" gallery. I invite you to take a visit and see
what I have available for sale. Please note: I intend to have these pieces on display and for sale,
but will happily reproduce any piece that has previously sold. I'd also like to mention that most
of what I have on this site IS FOR SALE. Please contact me if you see something here you'd
like to purchase.


NEWS: August 2009 — I have been selected to show and sell two of my artistic prints
in The Carlsbad Art District's JOURNEY OF ARTISTS HONORS SHOW
I am beyond thrilled to be one of the 100 artists selected for this show!
Click on the flier for more info:


NEWS: March 2009 — I am currently working the set of the feature film
11:11 by LifeLine Entertainment. Click Here to read the offical press release